Thursday, February 17, 2011


One of the most essential things left out of Vol 1 and the foremost complaint for the book was the absents of a major sex scene between Simone and Alex, which didn't happen until Vol 2. Why such a obvious element left out, a obvious and natural occurrence considering they had been apart for a good while? I was always heavily story driven and it was my first attempt at a full fledged XXX book and I may have just got caught up on telling a story and driving it along. I learned quickly, as continuing volumes came out, to balanced the two as hot and wild sex between the two, and more, was abundant. Well this Reduex (or Redux) is my opportunity to rectify that, not that it was a driving force for Redux, but it was a welcoming chance to do so. So for your viewing pleasure I give you a double spread preview of the newly added sex scene just after Alex rushes to Simone leaving the detention facility. Enjoy A fair amount of the sex scene will be featured in the upcoming SIZZLE issue 50.

Until Next Post, stay naughty.

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