Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barbarian Chicks, step by step

Greetings to all the followers of the Eurotica Blog.

As my first post, I´ve uploaded several pics describing part of the process of drawing a "Barbarian Chicks" history.

In this scene, Yevlena and Shaya are having fun in bed. From the initial pencil sketch to the final image with the lettering, you can see the process, adding successive layers of watercolour, and retouching lines with inks until the desired result is reached.

Once that final stage is achieved, only scanning the frames remains, adjusting levels and lettering it with the computer.

And that´s all!

I hope you enjoy this brief lesson.


  1. Thanks for the share!
    I LOVE your art! Looking forward to BC&D#5!!!!

    1. Hi, Gaijinjoe!

      I know your blog from some months ago and it´s very good; thanks for your work of compilation and for your comments.


  2. Arg I cannot find volume 2 anywhere ><