Sunday, August 28, 2011

The End of KISS Comix by Kevin J. Taylor

Kiss Comix started in 1993 and THE GIRL was serialized in the first thirteen issues. The spanish publication was the first to publish my work outside the United States and over the years, they printed a lot of my work, including covers and trade editions of my books MODEL BY DAY and THE GIRL. They also published the first two volumes of GIRL: The Second Coming. They may have continued publishing my books, but in 2005 we had a difference of opinion at the comics salon in Barcelona, and that was the last time I saw or dealt with them. It's a long story that I may write about one day, but not today. I could give my opinions why I think the magazine has tanked, but I'll save that for another day also. But, you can read the publisher's reasoning below. (For those of you fluent in spanish, here's a link to the original text, because the Google translation is a piece of shit.)

Here's a fun game to play: My work helped launch Kiss Comix across Spain and helped with it's success in the states. In the following article, note how many times my name is mentioned. It's great!

The end of the drawn sex

Shut 'Kiss', the dean of the comic magazine erotic in Spain - In his 20 years, published 239 numbers

DIEGO A. MANRIQUE - Madrid - 27/08/2011

Times are bad (business) to the comic. Flourish graphic novel publishers, except that the magazine made ​​in Spain, those monthly conquered a place in the stands after the death of Franco. August has seen the closure by surprise Comix Kiss Comix, the son of the late feverish the Viper, legendary head of Editions La Cupola.
In 20 years, Kiss released 239 albums and abundant numbers. Is dismissed without much fuss, with a brief text of Reuben Lardín: "No drama, eh. Here the party is over but surely there are other on the floor above. The festivities usually end when they leave them, but this time we retired before us, weary. "
José María Berenguer, responsible for the Dome, said humorously that "they" are the figures: "Kiss reported sales of 30,000 copies and had editions in other languages, but now had fallen to 6,000 copies. As we attracted no outside advertising, accounts not come. Some journal, as Eros Comix, cartoons and repeats published but we owe a respect for readers. "
The reasons for the collapse seem obvious: "It is only now there is so much free porn on the Internet, even our journals can be read there, pirate download sites. We made an attempt to stop him shy but that was a puzzle, with shell companies in which country and not servers on another continent. Even lawyers advised us to let it go. "
The effect the Internet has changed the publishing maxim that says "sex sells". In the Dome already suspected: "In the last years of the Viper, the covers have a sexy tone but that was not enough. A mistake? do not know, this is not a business that allows you to commission market research. And they were covers technically superb. "
For Berenguer, the end of Kiss is a personal disappointment: "We bet from number one by a joyful sexuality without guilt, without humiliation for women. In fact, the more enjoyable was receiving letters and emails from readers who encouraged us, who confessed that they used to read with boyfriends or husbands. I'm not saying we were always up to our principles: we bought very strong material such as the Chilean foreign teachers Ferocius, Erich von Gotha English or Argentine Francisco Solano López, who died few days. "
The authors have worse local Berenguer added: "We do not pretend throw us flowers discoverers of talent but it is true that many Spanish cartoonists drew attention by Kiss and then ended up in other media. I think Paco Roca, National Comic Award, or Rubén del Rincón. Kiss offered a platform for narrative experimentation and also we paid. fanzines I always will be more difficult but more professional. It is a tragedy in a country where there has always been a large pool of artists. "
There was no stigma to publish cartoons erotic Berenguer said: "It's for Monica and Bea, who was supposed to be autobiographical adventures had as little vices. But the whole scene knew they were aliases of Jose Antonio Calvo as a draftsman and Santiago Segura as a writer. In fact, they continued working together in the saga Torrente ".
The Dome holds the line graphic novel for adults. For fall, announced the release of Dirty laundry, this collaboration of Robert Crumb and his wife, Aline Kominsky, with input from their daughter, Sophie. Berenguer recommended especially stark translation Paying for it, Chester Brown, Canadian artist explains where his experience with prostitutes, having renounced romantic love.


  1. Man, that's horrible. La Cupula is legend in Spanish comics, they already had to close their trendsetting El Vibora magazine a few years ago, now this.
    What a pity.
    Everybody going for free porn ultimately means all that will be left is your neighbor's crappy videos.
    That's a lot of ugly buttfucks to make you upchuck on.

  2. Thats sad news. I saw it on the gambedotti blog.
    I hope NBM gets enough new pages in the future for his Eurotica label.

  3. Hi Kevin, first of all I think there's no need to tell you what do you mean for the readers of Kiss comix. YOU ARE A LEGEND, Kiss build it's fame, popularity and FORTUNE on your beautiful and hard work, AND WE KNOW IT, rest asured Kev. For us to buy the latest Kiss magazine equaled to get the new Girl's strip. Jaleira was like a drug, we just couldn't get enough of her, she was THE GIRL indeed.

    It is atrocious not to mention your name, it shows the kind of people they are. This sentence said it all: "Kiss offered a platform for narrative experimentation and ALSO we paid" They "ALSO" paid their employees!! How good is that uh? You don't see that everyday! People normally works just for fun! Imagine to get paid too! WOOOW!!! Jesus christ, the nerve of those bloodsuckers.

    If the most popular porn comic magazine in the world can't stay in business, it's because they don't even care anymore. I mean c'mon, there's Garden magazines, Cars magazines, Bikes magazines, Economy magazines, shoes magazines! that stays in bussines. Obviously the free downloads take a huge blow to their earnings, they couldn't paid even less to their suffering artists and they couldn't afford to earn "less" themselves. So F*ck it, it's closing time, sorry guys, you do beautiful comics and all, but we can't have a business just to "pay" your work and put food in yours family's mouths. It's ridicolous for a 20 years old world famous magazine to be unable to keep the work source of such amazing artists, when a recently born publisher like IVREA is doing great flooding the market with CRAP! It makes no sense, Kiss was THE erotic magazine, ¿How can it go out of business like this?

    Uuuff, rant off. I would love to hear your take on the matter, I bet you know perfectly what heppened there. Spain is under a TERRIBLE crisis that it seems to be about to get even worst; But I'm sure that there's a lot to talk about on how kiss comix treated their artists and did business with people like you in their glory days.

    Greetings Kevin, and long live to The Dane!!!!