Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This time 'round I have some pages comparing the original Story from Banana Games Vol 1 with the new reduex of the said original story in Vol 5. It gives you a idea on how it differs as it is similar. The difference in page count and considering out of the first 20 odd pages of the reduex only these can be compared to each other side by side. I am really enjoying re-telling the tale in a more up-to-date and evolved version of the first book and hope you'll enjoy reading it as much.

If your already reading Vol 5 through SIZZLE you'll be able to fill in most of gaps between the pages that are not seen to have a better idea how the new scene plays out compared to the original.

Until next post, stay naughty.


  1. Awesome! Although, I must admit, I'll always have a soft spot for Vol. 1. Still, I can't wait to see more of the redux!

  2. Hmmmm. I like them both. I know.
    I've mentioned this before ;-)
    I will promote the new TB on my site as much as it's possible

  3. While I applaud your wanting to go back and retell the series wiith updated techniques, to me this hurts the fans
    who've bought the original four volumes and are waiting to finish the story. So this would mean that
    we would have to wait 4 more volumes until we finally get back on track with finishing the story, putting us
    sqaurely at 2018? Before we see vol. 5?
    I love your work but waiting that long is asking a lot.....