Thursday, September 12, 2019

Erotic Art — Velma "See...? Monster?"

"See...? Monster?"
by Cornnell

They're's No Escaping Now

I've got you in my Booby-Trap!

Velma always had a way of dealing with all those naughty Monsters! Here's a little peek at another upcoming illustration. Tier 3 Patrons and higher get to see the uncensored version of "See...? You Monster?". Where you can also see my list (in no particular order) of other pieces that I'm working on for September. Tier 4 Patrons can add to the list and, Tier 5 Patrons can commission me! 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Erotic Art — Patty Cakes pt. 2

Patty Cakes pt. 2
by Cornnell

Patty Cakes!

Big Booty Problems!

Looks like Patty has some issues! The entire series of Patty Cakes is available here!

More to cum soon!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Commissions Are Now Open!

Commissions Are Now Open!
by Cornnell

Limited Amount of Commissions Available!

Tier 5 Rewards!

Hey everyone, a limited amount of spots are open for commissions as a Tier 5 Patron at just $60 You get all Tier 4 Rewards and your choice of 1 of the following:

  • 2 Graphite Sketches on 9"x12" Acid-Free Paper.
  • 2 Digital Blue-Line drawings at 2070p
  • 1 Pen and Ink illustration on 9"x12" Acid-Free Paper.
  • 1 Digital Painting at 2070p

Traditional art gets shipped in clear plastic with a white backboard. And Digital art is emailed as a 2070p PNG and a PSD file with layers. Artist reserves the right to include commissioned illustration to his portfolio and or gallery of choice. Shipping and handling are extra for all traditional art. Buyer pays $8 Priority Mail Shipping ($37 international).

Please leave a comment below or message me directly via email with any additional questions.

More to cum soon!

Saturday, September 7, 2019

"Well Now..."
by Cornnell

What do You Naughty Supervillains Think?

We fight like we usually do, or I let you play with these? And we take it from there, hmm?

My parody of Mrs. Incredible opening negotiations with Supervillains! Join my Patreon to find out how and more by choosing your Tier level below:

More to cum soon!

Friday, September 6, 2019

Erotic Art — Stormi Maya "Hear No Evil"

"Hear No Evil"
by Cornnell

For I Only Listen to the Truth

And the truth is the key to my Freedom!

Join my Patreon to view the uncensored final art for "Hear No Evil" starring Stormi Maya as the human embodiment of Kikazaru! Bidding on the actual art ends Wednesday (9/11/2019 whoah!) at 3:23:41 PM CST (Central Standard Time). As usual, Tier 2 Patrons and up, get a discount off of the winning bid! In the meantime, you can check out the uncensored art below:

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

If to Flirt Is Human…

                Adam and Eve by Mahmoud Saïd                 

From the archives: this article was originally posted April 27, 2000, on

“So her life was falling forward, she was becoming one of those people who ran away.  A woman who shockingly and incomprehensibly gave everything up.  For love, observers would say wryly.  Meaning, for sex.  None of this would happen if it weren’t for sex.”  Alice Munro, “The Children Stay”

Because of our heads and hearts, we humans do much other beasts don’t seem to do.  Trying to remain faithful to one partner at a time is one of them.

Marriage, for instance, is a most unnatural union.  The binding of two hearts, two minds, two bodies, and two souls with little more than “I do” is a dicey proposition—especially for a lifetime.

The stats have been well mooted: probably 50 percent of first marriages in North America end in divorce.

In a poll taken the year before President Clinton’s infelicities were made public in ’98, two in ten Canadians admitted to having extramarital sex.  The figure was double for Americans and remains high today—much like the outgoing president’s popularity.

Whether the reasons for this activity are social rather than biological—based more on opportunity than inevitability—depends on who’s doing the justifying.

Is to flirt human, to make love, divine?

There are those, like the publishers of Loving More, “the only magazine dedicated to topics involving multi-partner relating,” who say as much on their site (  These true believers are all about responsible, ethical “polyamory” or “polyfidelity.”

While it’s tempting to condemn their views as being hopelessly, self-servingly male, consider this: according to a study by Scottish and Japanese researchers published in the scientific journal Nature last year, when a woman is ovulating, she favours men with “masculine” features, when she is menstruating, she goes for guys with soft faces.

In the researchers’ opinion, this underscores biology’s hold on us, regardless how highly evolved we may think we are.

But who knows?  Closer to the truth may be that men and women can be, well, beastly.  Ever since the species began to mate, the practice of polygamy has existed in some form or fashion in most cultures—Western, Eastern, Jewish, Christian.  Nor can the element of choice in it be ignored.

In the words of Barbadian sociologist Funmilayo Jones, “We have got to review our current positions as human beings and understand that one person cannot meet, really, all the needs of another.”  Adam and Eve certainly did.

· Robert is the critically acclaimed author of the NBM Amerotica titles Great MovesAttractive Forces and Stray Moonbeams.  His other books include the novel And Sometimes They Fly; the story collections Fairfield: The Last Sad Stories of G. Brandon SisnettIntimacy 101: Rooms & SuitesThe Tree of Youth, and Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall; and the memoir Sand for Snow: A Caribbean-Canadian Chronicle.

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