Friday, February 4, 2011

SNEAK PEAK Volume 01

Hello again.

This time around: The first in a series of sneak peaks of Banana Games Vol 5 that will occasionally be featured here. Out of each 10 pages there will be two featured with the rest teased in the background. Enjoy!

Until Next post...stay naughty


  1. Love it! Also, you've really taken the way you render clothes to a new level! Back to the drawing board for me!

  2. Its so much work! I appreciate your effort! Can´t wait to get it in my hands.

    P.S. hope, BG #5 is much more than a redux of Vol. 1 :-)

  3. Fret not, it is more. It keeps with the essential of the first so that it doesn't break the lore and keeps faithful to the chronological direction of the series but presents a very different approach to each scene with fresh new content, characters and more depth with existing characters. What you may expect from each scene, being familiar with the first book you'll be taken into different outcomes and end scenarios. More can be said for the climax and ending. You'll see as it progresses in SIZZLE magazine.