Friday, August 5, 2011

Hardcore Graphic Novel — 35% OFF Peanut Butter Vol. 4

This volume was done after I completed "Peanut Butter Presents:  The Confessions of Sister JacQueline" and therefore it was my third book that I intended to do in color. Yes I had colorized Peanut Butter Vol. 1 & 2 in the interim of the completion of Sister JacQueline and the start of this one, so its technically my fifth book in color but, this one was always meant to be in color from the beginning. Basically this one gets into more detail as to what happens at the end of Peanut Butter Vol. 3 (sorry, I'm not giving any details on this one! You'll have to read it for yourself!) between Molly Fredrickson, her roommate Verna and her new friends Jeanne Williams and Yuri! All I'm telling you is that it involves the starting five of the schools basketball team!

Today and today only its at 35% OFF! Check it out here when you get the chance!

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