Friday, August 5, 2011

Erotic Graphic Novel — 35% OFF Big Apple Shorts!!!

Although "Big Apple Shorts" is my only graphic novel that has no color on the inside it still has a soft spot within my heart! One of my favorites when it comes to sheer variety of story! The pic you see bellow is from chapter three "The Art of Negotiation". One of seven chapters within the book. It shows how a Mr. Dávila uses a very interesting tactic to get a bank loan! A definite must read! 

For more check here! You'll be able to see even more previews! You can order the graphic novel directly from me the artist (Cornnell Clarke) at 35% OFF today only! Sale ends at midnight!!

Merchandise:  Urban Jointz Vol. 1 © 2011 by Cornnell Clarke Hardcore Comics, transexual, cocks, lesbians, sex.
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