Friday, August 5, 2011

Hardcore Graphic Novel — 35% OFF Peanut Butter Vol. 3

This is the first graphic novel that I did in color. The learning process with this one was long and arduous but in the end it was worth it! In this one Erica is back in New York while Molly Fredrickson is attending college in San Diego. It's the first couple of weeks of class and Molly is suffering from some Erica-withdrawal! She phones Erica and gets a little pep talk from her long distance love. With that and a new budding friendship with a buxom Jeanne Williams and petite little asian Yuri things really start to heat up. There is only problem... What to do with the straight laced and somewhat gruff Verna?

Today is your last chance to get this graphic novel along with all my other books at 35% OFF! Check them out and enjoy! More to come soon!

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