Monday, April 11, 2011

As most artists, I sell original artwork and do commissions. But I don't do it through regular means as most may. I have a exclusive set of collectors I sell to. It allows my regular buyers to have full choice of prime pencil pages and keeps values up for the collectors. But along the way I did have several inquiries about commissions and pages from other readers by email. So I have decided for a limited time to open up my art for others who might want to purchase any original art or have commissions done who follow the Erotica blog or upon reading this just stopping by the blog. Depending on purchases, individuals could also be added to my exclusive buyers list. So to whomever is interested, you can let me know via email at and a list of available pages and prices will be sent. Anyone responding with interest via this blog will get 15% off purchases, on top of any other saving my exclusive buyers get for bulk purchases or art and commission bundles. So be sure to mention you are responding to the Eurotica Blog offer in the email.

Until my next post, stay naughty.

UPDATE: Response has been overwhelming and original art is being snatched up at a steady pace. Plenty more left at the moment, so no one has to feel like johnny come lately. I also have myself some work to do in the next little while on commission peices as well. So thank you all who have already responded and appreciate their interests and business as well as any future buyers.

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