Thursday, June 28, 2012

Eurotica now available as e-books!

You can now get Kristina the Queen of Vampires, Cornnell Clarke's Peanut Butter, Kevin Taylor, Omaha the Cat Dancer and Robert Sandiford's erotic GNs to read on any device such as PC, Mac or mobile including android tablet! And they can be transported to any device you have. Only exception is the sanctimonious iPhone and iPad where Apple seemingly never tempted Adam ;).
This is through our new association with AveErotix, a division of AveComics which has an awesome comics reading app. Check it out!
We're speedily adding more titles to the library for your um, electronic enjoyment. An electrifying experience of cyberkinetic proportions!
Seriously, what with all the crap on the internet posing as adult, here's Eurotica's top quality comics  presented the right way, not some garbage illegal scans ripping your favorite artists off.
You can click right on the links on our pages here on this site to access purchasing the downloads.

1 comment:

  1. It is great news, but how about Sizzle magazines? It is pretty hard to get them, cause outlets like Amazone has only books.