Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GIRL-New York and Silo City

The next GIRL volume takes place in two different worlds, GIRL's New York City and Silo City from my FANG series. Jaleira had a cameo in the FANG series, so for the last volume of The Second Coming she returns to Silo City where Francesca has a prominent role. With the appearance of Fran, this will mark the one series that all of my major characters have appeared in. I'll post a page with Fran sometime later. The other point of this volume is that I decided to paint it with two different techniques-one for the New York scenes and another for the Silo City scenes. Since they're two different dimensions, I wanted them to look different. In the pages above you'll see how it looks, the left page being N.Y. and the right Silo City. New York is mainly watercolor while Silo City is markers and more airbrush and also a little darker. For years I've wanted to do one book with multiple techniques ever since I saw the series ZORA by Fernando Fernandez in Heavy Metal Magazine. Although Fernandez used multiple techniques I decided to stick with two-two worlds, two techniques. Besides, this book has taken me long enough as it is. So, for those who thought I've stopped doing comics, and even to those few that thought I was dead-yes, I actually read comments on forums and on my Deviant Art page that some thought I was dead-I'm hard at work on the last GIRL book and I'm hoping it will be greeted warmly..okay, hotly. With a passion! So, I hope you all have just a little more patience. Once this volume is done, I plan to take GIRL into a different direction. And you're gonna have to wait to hear about that. http://kevinjtaylor.com

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