Monday, December 13, 2010

Sizzle 48 is in stores!

Issue 48 of our Sizzle magazine is in stores now and has been mailed to our subscribers.

The main news on this one is we premier Gambedotti from Spain's Kiss magazine! He presents a new series of stories "Three of a Kind." Remember Gambedotti is the artist behind the best-selling 4 Girlfriends and Room-Mates...

Another premiere: Chinese erotic tales "The Jade Door"...

Also, Peanut Butter’s latest romp continues along with Zanier’s Banana Games, Kevin Taylor’s Girl, Barbarian Chicks & Demons, Omaha the Cat Dancer.
We have quite a few back issues available for a special price of $19.95 for 4 of them, not only a $1 off each but also free postage!

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  1. I have back issues of Sizzle from # 2 I think. All in excellent condition. If anyone is interested please leave a note here.