Monday, December 27, 2010


As the year is about to come to a close, the New Year will bring some changes . For 2011 I'm looking to do a few new things with Banana Games.

First, later in the year I endeavor to finally have a website dedicated to the Banana games Franchise. To go live by the release of the next volume the site will be a free access site. So readership, for free, can keep up to date with the progress of Banana Games, editorial content and get access to download friendly artwork and wallpapers of current released materials. There is planned a VIP payed membership that will have original artwork and a series of illustrated shorts only available to VIP members. Other then that the majority of the site will be free to use with registration.

Also I am as excited as most of you to see Sizzle go full color. At the same time unlike previous issues BG will cliffhang in Sizzle with the final act only available in the books final release to make your full purchase of the final book, after the fact, more worth while having the climax a more pleasant surprise then an expected one. NOTE: this tidbit just mentioned is still in discussion phase with NBM/Eurotica and is subject to change.

On a less positive note to keep efforts on Banana Games on a higher level and increasing the frequency of the issues releases, I will be dropping Honey Lickers Sorority as a regular book. There is a lot of plot issues to address in Banana Games, including a full fledged sequel to the series planned sometime before 2014, that full efforts I believe should be focused on BG and the follow up release of the official website and it's original content.

Until my next post, stay naughty!


  1. Awesome news Christian! Love the piece by the way! I can't wait to see SizZle In color also!!

  2. Sounds great, sad to hear that Honey Lickers is being put on the back burner, but gotta love some more Banana Games.

  3. love Banana games want to see more.

  4. Ah, too bad about Honey Lickers Sorority. Tammy is a major hottie!

  5. Oh wish I'd found this earlier... really need some more BG, although sad to hear about Honey Lickers... so it goes though! Keep up the good work!