Sunday, November 27, 2016

Erotic Art — Swimsuit Succubus "Hmm... Am I a Good Bunny?"

“Hmm… Am I a Good Bunny?”
by Cornnell

Or a Naughty Bunny...?

Really now, What's the difference!

Here is a look at the final art for my parody of a sexy cosplayer who goes by the moniker Swimsuit Succubus. Bidding on "Hmm... Am I a Good Bunny?" starts at just $20 and Ends on November 3rd at 3:09:22 PM CST (Central Standard Time). 

More to come soon but, in the meantime, donate as little as $1 to my Patreon and get access to all my uncensored final art for a month! Plus, if you donate before midnight November 30th, you are entered to WIN ALL TEN OF MY GRAPHIC NOVELS!!! Plus, you can get up to 35% OFF my graphic novels and auctions and get exclusive access to upcoming final artworkAlso, take a look at all my original pieces that are up for auction here.

More to cum soon!

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