Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Look at Peanut Butter Vol. 6 and More!

The Diary of Molly Fredrickson:Peanut Butter VOL. 6

The fun you can have at a college fraternity...!

Amazingly, even though I started my day at 4AM I'm still running late! I've definitely gotta improve my time management skills! Anyway, as Stan Smith would say, "Moving on, moving on..."

Peanut Butter Vol. 6
by Cornnell
Volume six introduces the title character to the party atmosphere of The Betta Alpha Tau fraternity  but, there's an unseen danger in the background... Additionally and as usual, Molly is haunted by the absence of her best friend and lover, Erica Cardinalle but she has a whole slew of friends and new acquaintances to keep her occupied. Add to the fact that one of the main requirements to become a Betta Alpha Tau is being 'well endowed' makes for a very interesting party. It also makes for an interesting dynamic between Molly and her first college crush, Sean. The only problem is that BBC (Big Black Cock) Sean has a thing for sodomy. Can Molly handle it? Soon Molly and her new (friend? acquaintance?) Paola Gutiérrez find themselves in the clutches of Moe and Curly (pun fully intended). Here comes Sean to the rescue...
Saving them from a scary situation that comes dangerously close to rape. Sean's Reward? What's a little sodomy between a hero and his damsel in distress? All of this in the midst of a Fraternity party for the College's basketball team that gets wilder than you could imagine...!

Overall although this volume builds on some of the events in volume five and what came before, Peanut Butter VOL. 6 is a story that stands alone and doesn't need the previous volumes to be able to fully enjoy this very naughty book. Pick up a copy and tell me what you think! In the next few days, as a primer, I will be posting some of my favorite pages and or panels from the novel.

“Bettie Page vs. The Hulk?!?”
also by Cornnell
On to other news: I'm working on a new illustration starring the improbable combination of The Queen of Curves, Bettie Mae Page taking on The Incredible Hulk! It's coming along but, it's taking forever! Unlike my previous parody illustrations this one (sadly) will be in B&W. I just don't have the time and funds to add color.

New posts everyday 8:30am (Eastern Standard Time) in the meantime, check out my Patreon, comment and or donate (especially if you want more naughtiness)! Also, take a look at all my original pieces that are up for auction here.

More to cum soon!

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