Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Michelle by Felipe Matos and Cornnell Clarke

"I'm Starving..." ~ Michelle

Haven't posted anything here in quite some time... Here's a look at a graphic novel proposal that I'm working on called Michelle. I've had it on the shelf for quite awhile but, now that I'm finished up with Peanut Butter (for now) maybe this is the time to give it another look. The pages you see here will (most likely) be different once published, the writer (Felipe Matos) and I haven't even come to a final decision regarding if the book will be in color or not. 

Next as far as this project is concerned, I'll be working on Model Sheets for the various characters. I want to give everyone, especially the main characters, a consistent and distinctive look throughout the book. 

Plus, Felipe and I have to work on plotting out the book, although we've done that before, giving the plot a  look with new eyes (after all this time), we have a slew of new ideas we want to incorporate into the book. Also, and at least as important, I've got to figure out a way to balance the quality of the work with the time it takes me to finish a page. Can't keep having the delays on this book that I had with Peanut Butter Vol. 8...

As you can see or at least suspect this is going to be quite an undertaking but, for now, tell me what you think!

More to cum soon!


  1. I hope you can finish this story it's nine years overdue. Try publishing it in color I like it in color. By the way do you know when I will receive my copy of volume eight of Peanut Butter I ordered it in May.

    1. Yes, definitely leaning towards doing the book in color. Also, Peanut Butter Vol. 8 is shipping this July.