Friday, July 18, 2014

Finally! Page 25!!!

Peanut Butter Vol. 8 p. 25
"White Girl Likes it ROUGH!" ~ Curtis 'Curly' Ríos

Here is a look at the complete page 25. Getting closer and closer to finishing Peanut Butter Vol. 8. I'm hoping to have some original art for the book available at this years San Diego Comic Con (we'll see). 

Anyway, overall a pretty good page although, there are some elements of which I'm not completely satisfied. One in particular is Molly Fredrickson's look. She looks awkward at times specifically in panel two but also overall. Hopefully I'll have the time to touch her up before publication. We'll see...

Don't forget to check out page 24. That will bring this page into context and hopefully help you to realize what's really going on here.

Additionally, for those of you interested in purchasing my original works of art, check here at Naughty Bids to do so. 

More to cum soon!

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