Saturday, May 24, 2014

Erotic Art — Alice "Lord In Heaven!"

"Lord In Heaven!"
"Mother will have a fit! It's now quite obvious that I've been dabbing it up with the rabbit!" ~ Alice Liddell (Alice In Wonderland)

Found myself in the mood to work with some graphite again... Normally I don't post these sketches up but this one came out well and so finished that I thought "Why not?". The final inked version is coming up next! Tell me what you think!

Bidding on this piece "Lord In Heaven!" starts at just $5! Auction Ends Today (my apologies for the late notice...):  5/24/2014 3:28:10 PM (Central Standard Time)

Don't forget to send me your suggestions. Check here for my latest auctions of my original illustrations on Naughty Bids. More to cum soon!
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