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Posted here is the first of a series featuring the stats and history of the characters of the Banana Games series. The second in the series: SIMONE

name: Simone Chambers
Aliases: Heaven Sent
Born: October 31st 1972 Abilene, Kansas. USA
Died: August 2nd 2006 St. Cecilia Acatitlan, Mexico
Height: 5'8 Weight: 145 lbs. Eyes: Green Hair: Blonde
Father: Dugan Chambers Mother: Bethany Anne Chambers Sister: Jessica (Jesse)
Occupation: Cattle Rancher, Stripper, drifter, con artist, fugitive

Background Story: Simone's family goes back to the old American west of 1870's as part of the cattle ranching rush in and around the area of Dodge City, Kansas who later migrated their herds to settle in Abilene. Simone was born as part of a set of twins on the Chambers Cattle Ranch, Halloween 1972. Simone's Parents were strict but caring and tolerant parents and the twins childhood was for the most part was a good one. As the twins started into puberty it became apparent their breasts developing was growing at a drastic rate. By the time they went into their late teen years their breast size was of enormous proportions well past F bra size. The twins had a a strong affinity towards their breasts and refused breast reduction which was strongly encouraged by their parents and family doctor. They managed to do their ranch work without a problem so soon the subject was dropped.

At the twins age of 17 Simone became restless and started to dislike the ranchers life and started to skip out on her chores and duties to hang around with her friends in town. When tensions rose at the ranch, primarily from her parents, Simone became more and more rebellious to the point where she got into trouble with the law and brought home by the town Sheriff numerous times. The more she was disciplined the worst she became. Her sister Jesse started to really get concerned about her sister but felt helpless to do anything for her.

One year later, due to circumstances that at this time are unknown, Simone left the ranch to later surface in Knoxville, Tennessee where she wound up working at various strip clubs in the city. Her beauty and breast size soon made her a starlet of the strip scene under the name 'Heaven Sent'. Simone also had a fiery temper and had gotten violent with any patron who acted inappropriately and at most time subdued and beat helpless those men before the bouncers could even intervene. This actually bolstered her popularity and she was usually announced with the phrase 'hell hath no fury than a woman scorned'. Simone was also swept into bar fights and fights with other women including fellow strippers and charged with assault various times.

Simone was by nature bi-sexual and preferred long term relationships with women but had sexual escapades with both men and women. Two years later she became seriously involved with a fellow stripper, Lindsey, and they started a fulfilling and steamy love affair. Lindsey was even able to temper Simone’s bad behaviors and tendencies to get into trouble. That is until one day, a few years later, Simone caught Lindsey having sex with another woman. In a heated argument on the spot, Lindsey made it clear that the affair had been going on a year and wasn't going to stop it. When the third party tried to intervene Simone lost it and severely beat both women to the point Lindsey went into a coma and the other woman, bed ridden for months.

Simone was arrested for aggravated assault and attempted murder. She pleaded down and served a 18 month prison sentence. In prison her attitude and violent behavior soon made her very unpopular and a target which eventually caught up with her. Several months into her sentence she was brutally attacked by a group of prison inmates. In the attack she was sodomized with a make shift blade causing severe damage and loss of blood. She was about to be physically mutilated further by the attackers but was saved from it when prison guards stepped in to stop it. She stayed in the infirmary for months and the resulting damage, forever after, prevented Simone from ever having children.

After her recovery she was placed in solitary for her protection. Soon after she had relations with a female prison guard, Anne, who fell obsessively in love with Simone. Two weeks later, Simone’s attackers were killed under suspicious circumstances and Anne was soon after arrested and charged for their murders. She was convicted but committed suicide before sentencing. Simone soon received a letter form Anne stating that she killed them for her and would rather die then not be with her. Simone was devastated and guilt ridden by the deaths caused by her mistake that put her in prison.

After her release she went into a deep depression and started drinking heavily and developed a cocaine habit. She frequented bars to drown her sorrows and had sex with anything with 2 legs. A year later she met a private investigator by the name of Alice. Alice fell for Simone and helped her get treatment for the depression and rehab to straighten her out. Alice and Simone had a relationship for 4 years until their relationship ended due to inconsolable differences.

Simone then moved to Chicago to work as a stripper again. Her rep as a stripper extraordinaire proceeded her and she quickly got a job at a top strip club. Without a relationship she reverted back to her loose ways, having frequent sexual escapades, but stayed away from the drugs and alcohol.

A year later she met Alex, which is detailed in the ongoing series, Banana Games, published here at NBM Publications.

Next Up: 'MOTHER'

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  1. My absolute favorite character. Short blonde hair and epic boobs.

  2. Banana Games is the best Shemale comic I have ever seen