Monday, November 26, 2012

OMAHA the Cat Dancer now on Comixology! And the last volume is finally finished!

GREAT NEWS! Comixology, the phenom in e-comics and e-book graphic novels, is starting to venture into adult comics, starting with the class act that is Omaha the Cat Dancer. You can now donwload the 1st volume for $9.99 right here.
UPDATE: Don't be fooled by the somewhat censored cover you'll see on Comixology. They still need to be discrete with that but the interior pages are all uncensored as in the book!
Also, some excellent news for you Omaha fans: we finally have all the pages in house from Reed Waller! Those pages ending the saga, 11 of them, will appear in the next issue of Sizzle, #56, out in January.
Don't miss this special occasion! Omaha finally concludes! The final volume will be out second half of next year.

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  1. Unfortunately, it seems that Omaha is now gone from comixology. Why either the publisher or comixology would pull it down from there when comixology also has things there like Chaykin's Black Kiss boggles my mind.